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Work from Home Office Ideas

Work from home office ideas provide plenty of inspiration. However, there are so many options. How do you choose your own style?

Generally, you will find a variety of home office ideas for different styles and situations like:

  • Ikea
  • Modern
  • Small
  • Cute
  • For Two
  • Masculine
  • For Him
  • Feminine
  • For Her

Similarly, you can spend hours searching work from home office ideas on Pinterest. (It's okay. I'm totally guilty of this).

To begin with, you will have a dedicated home office. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Some employers require it
  • Helps your mindset
  • Provides a distraction-free space

Once you know your space, it's time to get inspired.

For starters, you will need home office basics like:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Office Supplies

Will you choose a standing desk? Do you really need an ergonomic chair? How fast should your internet be? Which office supplies are recommended?

Accordingly, start with the basics. Your type of job or employer will let you know what home office requirements they have. For example, some companies require:

  • Specific internet speeds
  • Particular computer operating system
  • Software
  • Supplies like a printer or scanner

Fortunately, they will let you know all of this so you don't have to guess. I also talk about this in depth on Work from Home Happiness.

Afterward, you can get to the fun part: design!

Of course, Pinterest is a great place to browse beautifully curated home office spaces. Similarly, Instagram offers up its own stream of styled spaces. Consequently, it's easy to become overwhelmed with work from home office ideas.

Remember, use those sites for inspiration. In the end, stick with your style and the space you have. You want a space that inspires you not one that was inspired by someone else!