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How to Get Freelance Clients

First, you decide on a freelance service to sell. Next, you have to get freelance clients. After all, you don't actually have a business without paying clients!

So, how do you get people to hire you? That's a great question.

For starters, you you have to be very clear on your freelance niche. Your specific freelance focus allows you to figure out how to reach your clients.

For example, let's say you are a graphic designer. You decide to sell freelance services as a logo designer for small businesses. Where do you think your potential clients hang out? Well, small business owners are usually on LinkedIn or Facebook.

So, you would get freelance clients by marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook. In this scenario, it would also be a good idea to display your designs on image-heavy sites like Instagram. You might not find tons of clients there. However, it still puts your talent in front of a bigger audience. The more you share the better your chances of getting clients.

You will also need to:

  • Create a portfolio site
  • Be active on social media
  • Send outreach emails
  • Network online

It sounds like a lot. Clearly, it is! But, after you lay the ground work your freelance business won't be as time consuming.

Besides, when you get freelance clients and provide great service, referrals come your way. As a result, you spend less time finding clients since they come to you!

Consequently, your earning increase and your freelance business grows. Soon, you get freelance clients on autopilot!