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Work from Home Careers to Consider

There are a lot of work from home careers to choose from. In fact, 36.2 million Americans will work remotely by 2025. You too can transform your career into a remote-friendly one. Just remember to focus on options that are relevant today.

Some in-demand work from home careers are in education, healthcare, finance, and more. Even more high growth paths include customer service, administrative, and sales.

Of course that's just a short list of career paths to consider. Your skills and experience help you pick the right path. Both hard skills and soft skills help you get hired. Be sure to keep them both up to date. This makes it easier to get hired.

New to remote work? No problem! You can even change careers to work from home. Stick to the work from home careers that are in demand. Also focus on those with the highest growth. This gives you the most opportunities to ditch your commute.

Today, more companies than ever offer work from home employment. You are only limited by what you know or are willing to learn. 

Need extra inspiration? Here are additional employee positions popular with remote workers: 

  • Teacher
  • Recruiter
  • Executive Assistant
  • Sales Rep
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Manager
  • Graphic Designer

Head over to FlexJobs to find a list of surprising remote jobs you probably didn’t think of. 

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