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Home-Based Businesses

Want to start a work from home business? There are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can start an online business or a business you run out of your home. (You can even do both. More on that later).

What's the difference? One operates online and the other from a home office. Let's take a closer look at home-based online businesses.

First up, an online business is entirely virtual. My blog, Work from Home Happiness, is a good example. I sell digital products and coaching services as a work from home business. Everything is done online. When I say everything I mean everything:

  • Finding clients
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting payments
  • Marketing
  • Coaching calls

I just need an internet connection to keep my business going.

On the other hand, there is a local work from home business to consider. Local businesses serve customers within a community but does not require a physical office space.

For example, a handyman is a local home-based business. He or she does work outside of the home but runs the business from home. Tasks like invoicing, marketing, sales calls are all conducted from a home office. There is no need for an office space that is open to the public.

What if you can't choose?

Well,  you can run your work from home business online and locally! Let's look at my blog again. Work from Home Happiness is entirely online. However, I also work as a career coach to women in my community who want to start their own business. I meet clients at their homes or at coffee shops or coworking spaces.

A work from home business that's online and local delivers two revenue streams. When you work for yourself, the more ways to earn the better!